What’s better than a Linked List? How about two Linked Lists?

Let’s do some quick background for context. Everyone loves reading the background context.

A Linked List is like an array

What’s an array? It’s kinda like a list of stuff.

What’s stuff? It’s whatever data or value you want the computer to know about.

What’s data or value? Like a name, or something. Whatever you want my dawg.

So a Linked List is a favorite amongst Computer Science nerds like myself who like to arrange their data sequentially. We like a Linked List because it’s fast, and just like…

So there I was laying in bed. I was visiting my mom, and I was broke. It was going to be a few weeks before I was able to return home to New Jersey, and I wished that I had the ability to make some quick cash without the obligations coming from a regular formal job. “I wish I could just open an app and see some odd jobs that needed to be done in my area.” I thought to myself. That’s where the inspiration for QuikBuck came — from experiencing a problem and thinking about a solution to it.

The market hates retail investors. Over the past few months, “retail investors” have been getting involved in the stock market. Market analysts and talking heads on CNBC have spent the last few weeks deriding this new trend. But this hate of retail investors is not new, it’s just more obvious now.

So who are the retail investors? The retail investors are made up of a coalition between the young, lower income, and historically disenfranchised peoples. For years these same market analysts have been wondering why millennials, lower-income, and people of color have “shied away from the stock market.” But now…

Brian Ross

Data Science and Backend Web Student at Make School

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